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Pippinitis Pippinitis 29 September 2020

UCP migration has occurred on the Apple Wiki

However, the Blog:Recent_posts page there is now broken after the migration to Fandom's new Unified Community Platform (UCP). I'm creating this blog post as reference to check the feature here (this site has been on UCP from the start).

  • Editing: If you're having trouble with the new UCP source editor's bugginess, lagginess, and broken "Preview" feature, you can enable an older functional editor by going into your preferences, then the Editing tab, then select "Source editor" from the pop-up menu under Editor. Right now, this pop-up menu preference has not yet been synced between UCP and non-UCP sites as it was hastily implemented recently after apoplectic feedback from angry power users, so you may have to reset your preferences when jumping back…
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