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Crecine (right) with Ross Perot and Steve Jobs of NeXT in 1987.

John Patrick "Pat" Crecine (August 22, 1939 – April 28, 2008) was an American educator and economist who served as president of Georgia Tech, dean at Carnegie Mellon University, professor, and business executive at technology companies, including NeXT.


After receiving his early education at public schools in Lansing, Michigan, he earned a bachelor's degree in industrial management, and master's and doctoral degrees in industrial administration in 1965 from the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (now called the Tepper School of Business) at Carnegie Mellon University.[1] He also spent a year at the Stanford University School of Business.


After Crecine’s resignation as president of Georgia Tech took effect in July 1994, he became associated with several start-up companies involved in Information Technology, ecommerce, and the internet and at the time of his death was CEO of B.P.T., Inc. a consulting firm. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of several public companies: Intermet Corporation (1993–2005),[2] (formerly Interland Corporation, 2003–present),[3] Liebert Corporation (1982–1987), 796 (Pittsburgh Baseball Club Ownership Group, 1982–87), NeXT Computer, Inc. (1987–1990), HBOC, Inc. (1992–1998), Total eMed (1999–2000), and numerous non-profit and charitable organizations.[4]


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