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The NeXT MegaPixel Display was a range of CRT-based computer monitors manufactured and sold by NeXT for the NeXTcube and NeXTstation workstations, designed by Hartmut Esslinger of Frog Design


The original MegaPixel Display model N4000 (part number 135.00) was a monochrome 17" monitor displaying 4 brightness levels (black, dark gray, light gray and white) in a fixed resolution of 1120 x 832 at 92 DPI (just shy of a true megapixel at 931,840 total pixels) at 68 Hz.

It integrated a mono microphone, mono speaker, stereo RCA sockets, a 3.5mm headphone socket and a socket for the keyboard (which in turn provided a socket for the mouse). A unique feature was that the monitor was connected to the computer by a single 6 foot cable which provided power, video signals and the aforementioned signals.

A severe problem with this setup was that the monitor could not be switched off completely while the computer was powered on. The screen could be switched black but the cathode heater always remained on. This led to extreme screen dimming after some years of use, especially when the computer was not turned off overnight as in a server setup or in a busy software lab.

This problem was later rectified with a now-rare N4000A model (part number 1403) rated at 10,000 hours (~14 months).

The display has a stand that allows it to be tilted. The stand also features two rollers that can be used to move the monitor back and forth despite its heavy weight. The stand also provides a place for the keyboard when not in use, freeing up the (real) desktop in front.

When the NeXTstation Color and the NeXTdimension board was released, NeXT sold rebranded color monitors as MegaPixel Color Display in either 17" or 21" and all connections were provided by a separate box (the NeXT Soundbox)


(from the NeXT User's Reference)[1]


  • 17-inch monochrome
  • Flat screen
  • 1120 x 832 x 2 resolution (92 dpi)
  • Four colors (black and white and two levels of gray)
  • Refresh rate of 68 Hz noninterlaced
  • Integrated tilt and roll


  • Keyboard jack
  • 8-bit, 8012.8 Hz analog to digital input via microphone miniphione jack (mono)
  • 16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo digital-to-analog converter
  • output via:
    • Headphone miniphone jack (stereo)
    • Gold plated RCA line-out jacks (stereo)
    • Integrated speaker (mono)

Keyboard and Mouse[]

  • 85 keys including:
    • cursor keys, numeric pad
    • Monitor brightness, sound volume
    • Power on/off
  • Two button opto mechanical Mouse


  • 16 in. (w) x 17.3 (h) x 14 (d)
  • 408 mm (w) x 440 (h) x 354 (d)
  • 50 lbs. (23 kg)


  1. NeXT User's Reference, 4/90, pg. 242, Reorder Product #N6002

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