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The NeXTcube is a high-end workstation computer developed, manufactured, and sold by NeXT from 1990 until 1993. It superseded the original NeXT Computer System and is housed in a similar cube-shaped magnesium enclosure, sometimes called the "Cube II" or Cube 040. The workstation runs the NeXTSTEP operating system and was launched with a US$10,000 list price.


Tim Berners-Lee used this NeXTcube to invent the World Wide Web.

The NeXTcube is the successor to the original NeXT Computer. It differs from its predecessor in having a 25 MHz Motorola 68040 processor, larger hard disks in place of the magneto-optical drive, and an optional floppy disk drive. A faster 33 MHz NeXTcube Turbo was produced later.

NeXT released the NeXTdimension for the NeXTcube, a circuit board based on an Intel i860 processor, which offers 32-bit PostScript color display and video-sampling features.

The Pyro accelerator board increases the speed of a NeXTcube by replacing the original 25 MHz 68040 processor with a 50 MHz version.[1]



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  • Power Mac G4 Cube, a later model from Apple Computer that also adopted the cube design.

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